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Martindale Propane only sells tanks, we don’t lease them.

Information on COVID-19 the Coronavirus

The impact of the Coronavirus has had an impact on all of our lives.  It has brought a lot of uncertainty and change to all of our lives and the way we do things every day.  The Martindale Propane Team just wants to reassure our customers that we are open for business and will continue to provide fuel deliveries and service to customers.  These services have been impacted by the Coronavirus, so we have had to adjust to be sure not to place our employees and customer at risk. We will continue to provide a high level of service to our customers, but with caution and comply with the CDC guidance for Social Distancing and Personal Contact.  If you have any questions concerning our operations, you may contact our office at 717-354-6255 Monday through Friday or email us at info@martindalepropane.com.  

In the interest of the Health and Safety for our Employees and Customers we request that payments be made online through our Customer Portal, by phone during normal business hours or by US mail.  By accessing your account online, you can make payments, check your balance or request a delivery from the safety of your home.  

Thank you for your understanding and if we all work together, we will be successful in combating the spread of this virus.

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Quality service for all your propane needs.

Fast and Friendly Service.

Owning your own tank.

Quality service for all your propane needs.

Martindale Propane was established in 1992. Starting out in a small building in Martindale PA . Relocated to New Holland in 1995.

Fast and Friendly Service.

Tired of being at the mercy of gas companies? At Martindale Propane Inc, we believe that the needs of the customer come before anything else. That’s why we offer the best service when it is convenient for you.

Owning your own tank.

Here at Martindale Propane we only sell tanks. We don’t lease or rent tanks. By owning your own tank you will not have any tank rental or tank leasing charges.