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Martindale Propane only sells tanks, we don’t lease them.

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251 Commerce Drive, New Holland, PA 17557

Quality service for all your propane needs.

Fast and Friendly Service.

Owning your own tank.

Quality service for all your propane needs.

Martindale Propane was established in 1992. Starting out in a small building in Martindale PA . Relocated to New Holland in 1995.

Fast and Friendly Service.

Tired of being at the mercy of gas companies? At Martindale Propane Inc, we believe that the needs of the customer come before anything else. That’s why we offer the best service when it is convenient for you.

Owning your own tank.

Here at Martindale Propane we only sell tanks. We don’t lease or rent tanks. By owning your own tank you will not have any tank rental or tank leasing charges.